Lifeline Ministries

Lifeline Ministries is the English Ministry branch of EVMC. It is headed by Pastor Anthony Henshall along with 5 elected members from the congregation who oversee various areas of the ministry such as recreation, evangelism, caring and worship.

Our core values are authenticity, community and humility.

Come by sometime! We hold service from 9:30 am to 10:30 am on every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month.


As time passed and under the stewardship of a number of individuals, the “youth” at EVMC began to finish school, pursue post secondary education and start their careers. With these milestones came a growing desire for independence as well as a yearning for more relatable, modern experiences at church. First came the title of Edmonton Vietnamese Mennonite Church English Ministries (EVMCEM). However, that wasn’t enough–the group wanted to be represented by a name that better fit their identity. In early 2016, under the leadership of Pastor Kuen Yee and her husband, Vernie, Lifeline Ministries was established. Sadly, it was soon after this that Pastor Kuen and Vernie Yee were called to pursue ministry elsewhere. However, the framework that they established in the newly minted Lifeline Ministries allowed the burgeoning group to be self-sufficient in its governance.

Soon after, EVMC once again reached out to Anthony Henshall, who was at the time serving in Vietnam. In early 2017, Anthony Henshall returned to EVMC with his wife Lieu. He was surprised and delighted to see that work that God had done in what he had only known as the “English Ministry”.